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Hair bleaching effect?  It cannot be underestimated.  “I feel like I can face the world” |  Nina

Hair bleaching effect? It cannot be underestimated. “I feel like I can face the world” | Nina

Dye your hair blond? More and more people are taking the lead. Think actress Lize Feryn, or professional soccer player Dries Mertens. Do ‘Blondes’ Really Have More Fun? The answer seems simple: yes. Influencer Paulian Rhimes, 31, and students David Campanella, 24, and Liz Rutger, 22, all three ‘brownies’ who turned blonde, explain a milestone in their lives. “Now I live more according to the motto:”Let’s just do this. “

“In 2021 I’m turning 30. A true teacher,” said influencer Pauline Rhimes. “One morning, about two weeks before my birthday, I woke up and thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to do something crazy to keep my youth.'” (LaughCoincidentally, that same morning, while I was browsing in bed, I saw someone on Instagram with bleached hair. I immediately made an appointment with the hairdresser without thinking.”

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David Campanella and Liz Rutger also remember well when they decided to go Blondie. “That was at the start of the lockdown in 2020,” they both say. David has been in favor of the idea for some time, but continues to be skeptical. “But then the pandemic came and we were all ‘in our room.’ Then I knew, ‘This is the moment.’ It somehow reassured me,” she laughs.

Help, my hair is orange

The process involved several steps for Pauline as well as for David Willis. “My hair has been bleached twice,” Paulin explains. “The first time I wasn’t fully blonde. ‘Oh oh oh oh. I thought at the time that was nothing. I even panicked a little bit,'” she says. “But fortunately after the second time, the result I was hoping for. By the way, on the same day my friends organized a surprise party for my birthday. I was in shock, and obviously all the guests were too! (Laugh)

With Lise and Davide, who chose to have them on hand (literally!), the process wasn’t entirely smooth sailing. “Since I started bleaching as a complete layman, I first watched some tutorials from hairstylist Brad Mondo on YouTube. In total, I bleached my hair four times. Everything was going fine, even the ink didn’t pick up. I wandered for a week in yellow Conqueror, waiting for the right ink,” Liz laughs. “My hair was orange at first,” David says. “I wandered around with that for a few months, because I felt a little certain vibration have found.”

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Liz Rutger. © Liz Rutger

Yes, blondes have more fun

“Finally, I really fell in love with my blonde hair,” Davide says. “Everyone was so positive. Yes, it made me so happy. Suddenly I felt completely different, gained extra self-confidence and during the weeks I had my blonde hair really lived by the mantra:new to me. Let’s just use all the happiness I’m feeling right now and spread it. “


I’m so happy with my blonde haircut that I’ve felt like I could take on the world ever since.

Pauline Rimes

Pauline’s blonde hair also opened new doors. “Because this transformation is connected to my 30th birthday, I always associate it with something crazy. I’m so happy with my blonde haircut that I’ve felt like I could take on the world ever since. I dared to do something crazy that turned out so well, and this confidence makes me dare to do other things faster. I now live more according to vitality:Let’s just do this“.”

clothes crisis

Not only does the blonde haircut cause a change of mindset, but it also drives his will in terms of clothes. Pauline: “The first week as a blonde, I had a clothing crunch. I only wore black and white all week. (Laugh) The colors I had always sworn by, like the colors of sand and yellow, all of a sudden waned completely. I now keep such clothes in a box in case I choose my original brown hair color again. Now I prefer wearing cobalt blue. It really has become her color.”

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“Since going blonde, I mostly wear black because I like the contrast with my blonde locks,” says Liz. “For me, this shift has previously resulted in loose, comfortable clothing. I’m less ‘licking’ than I used to be. Blonde has given me more freedom,” adds David.

Once upon a time a blondie, always a blonde?

Although the blonde haircut is clearly more fun, Pauline will one day return to her hair color. “I will try to keep her for as long as possible, but I already know that she won’t forever Possible,” she says. “Only if you have to spend hours at the hairdresser every six weeks. This does not relax me at all. And besides, it is not a cheap affair either. The whitening process itself can cost about 200 to 300 euros. He visits the hairdresser every six weeks for around 100 to 150 euros. This does not include the care you give yourself at home, such as the much needed silver shampoo. But for now, I’m still a huge fan, and as long as it’s financially feasible, I’ll continue to do so.”

“I’ll be keeping my blonde locks for a while,” says Liz. “It’s hard for a stylist to be too expensive to update your roots. So I do it myself, with products around 20 euros cheaper. Although I’m lucky to have strong hair, because you can break it easily.”

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Meanwhile, David has returned to his original hair color. “But even with my brown hair, I’m still the one with blond locks on the inside. It really stirred up something inside of me. I learned to let go, because bleaching showed me that everything would be fine. That’s why I completely accepted the growth process. So It initially worked against nature, then fully embraced it again.” (Laugh)

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