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Hakos Baelz Y60 limited case from Hyte and hololive costs 300 euros

Hakos Baelz Y60 limited case from Hyte and hololive costs 300 euros

Hyte has teamed up with hololive on a limited edition Hakos Baelz Y60, the eye-catching “aquarium tank” that was first spotted early this year. It is about the red version, in which not only the graphics are applied to the glass and side panels, the dice power button is also provided. The design comes from the illustrator Rossori.

In terms of specifications, there has been no change: the casing uses three side glass panels, allowing components to be viewed from different sides. Using the included PCIe 4.0 jack cable, the video card is set up vertically, while airflow is provided by two 120mm fans positioned at the bottom and an additional one at the back.

At 300 euros, this limited edition (3,400 pieces) is about 80 euros more expensive than the regular Y60. For this amount, you will also get a matching Hakos Baelz desk rug measuring 800 x 380 mm. Moreover, a plate can be found on the back of which, among other things, the production number is mentioned. Residents of the US and Canada can already pre-order via the manufacturer’s website, the package is not currently available in Europe. The first copies are expected to be shipped in September.


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