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Half of the applicants don't get an answer: What's the best thing to do if this happens to you?  |  MyGuide

Half of the applicants don’t get an answer: What’s the best thing to do if this happens to you? | MyGuide

answersHave you invested a lot of time and effort into applying for a job, but the answer is not forthcoming? Then you can request a response yourself. Do it at the right time and in the right way. Provides tips.

Written by Matthias van Melders, in collaboration with Jobat

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About half (48%) of applicants did not receive an answer to an application within the first five weeks or longer in 2021. This is according to a survey by Stepstone. Two years ago, 76% of applicants had to dispense with an answer (within 6 weeks).

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Why didn’t you get an answer (yet)?

Recruits are human too. They got quite a few responses for the coveted posts. They often prefer to treat them all at once. You will often receive an automatic acknowledgment of receipt, but a personalized answer will not be forthcoming for much longer.

So do not immediately think that your nomination is over in the trash. However, you may not get a response because you missed the ball. Did you not follow the application procedure instructions? Does your resume do not match the job description and as a result do not pass the (digital) examination? Did you submit your nomination too late? Or do you not meet the requirements in the job description? Please check before you even consider asking for a response.

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Why is it important to request a response?

By asking for an answer, you are showing your interest in the job. You can also do this explicitly when you contact the recruiter. You will also get a chance to prove once again why you are an ideal candidate. You can even increase your chances of getting a job interview by asking for a response. This may put your candidacy a little higher in the pile.

Did you not receive a response because your candidacy was not selected? Then contact the recruiter to find out why you were rejected. You can use this information to your advantage in future applications. It may also help better position the rejection.

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What is the best time to work?

If you don’t get a response, it’s smart to ask yourself. But when do you do that? Wait about 10 days before calling the recruiter. Is there a deadline? Then wait at least two days after it expires. Some recommend waiting up to 10 days after the deadline. Did you apply spontaneously? Or have you already had a conversation? Then it is better to use this term.

How do you request a response?

When it’s time to call the recruiter, send a reminder email in the first place. Ask if your nomination has arrived and what next steps you can expect. Optionally, briefly highlight why you are the final candidate. If you do not receive a response to this email, choose your phone.

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Asking for a response is definitely not rude, if you do it professionally. Stay friendly and discreet, and don’t be pushy. The fact that you are taking the initiative can only be appreciated by your potential employer.

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