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Hanne Troonbeeckx weds in idyllic Ibiza: 'I sang my opening dance' |  BV

Hanne Troonbeeckx weds in idyllic Ibiza: ‘I sang my opening dance’ | BV

BVHanne Troonbeeckx (43 years old) can now call herself “Mrs. Prince”. Last weekend, she sealed her love affair with Steffen Brans, 31, in idyllic Ibiza. Last week, the couple actually married before the law in Hasselt.

Hanne Troonbeeckx sang at her opening dance by herself. Listen to it here:

“The day went perfectly, partly due to our amazing wedding planner,” Hanne tells us after her special day. “We chose Ibiza because we love this natural atmosphere. The sun, the sea, the beach, the palm trees and our close friends. We wanted to treat it very romantically and poetically. The picture was just right.” But Mallorca or another island would have been the setting for their wedding, according to Hanne. “We immediately thought it was a beautiful location. We will go back to this place forever and bring back great memories,” Tronbeck exclaimed.

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Hanne and Steffen initially wanted to keep the party intimate, but the guest list quickly got out of hand. The couple shared their special day with around 60 of their friends and families. Together they enjoyed a few days in Ibiza. “We left a few days ago, with our parents. This is how we can do something quality time “Spend time with them,” Han says. Friends can also count on a party early. “On Friday, we invited our guests for a welcome drink, which turned out to be a very fun party as well.”

A special edition of The Power of Love

At the wedding, Hanne presented a big surprise. She sang herself in her opening dance, “The Power of Love” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. “We heard the song on a trip to Paris early on in our relationship. Since then it has really become our song. When I listen to it again, I go back to that moment, which brings me back to good memories.” So the opening dance song wasn’t a hard choice for the lovebirds. “I like to sing a lot. I may not be the best singer, but I wanted to do something special,” Han says. To avoid stressing herself on her wedding day, she chose to sing the song beforehand. “We agreed to start the original song as we walked to the dance floor. Once we got there, the DJ switched to my version.” Only Hanne’s mother and bridesmaid were aware of the surprise, while the rest completely fell out of the blue. “It wasn’t about perfection at all for him, I just wanted to do something memorable for my husband.”

He also surprised Stephen Hahn on their wedding day. “When I was getting ready, I got cute messages from my husband every now and then. He is incredibly charming and kind to him,” Troonbeeckx rays.

More sun, sea and beach to come

The party continued, because the day after the party, the fun was also central. “Our parents left for Belgium again on Monday morning, after a nice dinner to discuss. On Monday we did it again with some friends.” The island’s tensions don’t stop there for the newlyweds. In July, they travel to the Maldives for their honeymoon. “For us, that is the definition honeymoon† While Ibiza still has some feeling of that city, in the Maldives you really have the idea that you are staying on a desert island.”

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