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Harlem wants to ban meat ads in public

Harlem wants to ban meat ads in public

The Dutch city of Haarlem prohibits advertising of meat products in public places. It would be the first municipality in the world to impose such a ban.

“A kilogram of pork for a few euros is no longer really possible in our opinion. It is a very heavy burden on the environment,” says Ziggy Klazes, Haarlems GroenLinks board member RTL News. She defends the city council’s decision to ban advertising of meat products.

“We take this very seriously,” she continues. “We want to do what we can locally and we don’t want to tempt people to make choices that are bad for the environment.”


Opponents doubt whether the Harlem City Council proposal will stand a legal test. In any case, the ban will only be visible on the streets from 2024, because contracts with operators of bus shelters and screens in public places are fixed in advance for a long time.

This ban is unique, but is reminiscent of other local bans such as advertising for air and petrol car travel in Amsterdam, or the ban on fast food in London. The latter will already affect the British healthcare system within three years Save 200 million pounds.

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