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Have more fun while hiking with The Oregon Trail StepTracker

In the early 1800s, traveling through North America was much more dangerous than it is today. There were no cars, no trains, so people traveled thousands of miles across inhospitable terrain to reach central North America. Thanks to Gameloft, anyone in the world can relive this nearly 4,000-mile journey. They made an IoS app that simulates flight. There is now an update where you can use the Apple Watch app to change the watch into a pedometer, where you can actually track Oregon Trail distances.

They are offbeat distances that you must travel to complete the Oregon Trail. With that, Gameloft is trying to encourage walkers to take on the challenge. It’s healthy and probably an added motivation to run 2,000 US miles in a set amount of time. If you were taking 10,000 steps a day, it would take more than a year.

“With Apple Health, we can now say with confidence that we’ve expanded our walking simulator into more than just a game, into a way to let players walk the Oregon Trail themselves. We think it’s a great way for people to better understand David MacMinn, Director of Games at Gameloft Brisbane,” said David MacMinn, Director of Games at Gameloft Brisbane. “How it must have been on this trip, while also improving their health at the same time.”

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