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He surveyed Daley Blind, but already reached Ecklenkamp: Marc Overmars sought balance in Antwerp midfield

He surveyed Daley Blind, but already reached Ecklenkamp: Marc Overmars sought balance in Antwerp midfield

With Jürgen Eckelenkamp (22), Antwerp snatched a transfer deal from Club Brugge for the second year in a row. After a night’s sleep, the Dutch midfielder announced that he would sign Bosuil.

David van den Broek

At the start of the Mercato, Marc Overmars thought of some of his compatriots to balance the midfield. A notable name was Daly Blind (32). His entourage has been surveyed, but a move can only be considered if he loses his primary place in Ajax, which has not yet happened. So it’s a tough story. Other name: Jurgen Ekkelenkamp (22) – 10 years younger than him and almost the same, because he already played as a defensive, controlling and attacking midfielder. Only Hertha Berlin did not want to empty it.

That changed recently and the Germans cooperated anyway. Only, in addition to Antwerp, Club Brugge was also interested and Blauw-Zwart finished first. I convinced the player and reached an agreement with Hertha this week. In Jan Breedel, they were ready to pay 5 million euros and oblige him for four years, because the papers had been drawn up, the medical examinations had already been arranged, and his friend had informed Noa Lang. But in the end, the Dutch changed his mind. Although he gave the word “go” for Club the night before on a video call, he pulled the plug out of the coil with his hands yesterday morning. He told the Brugge board that the feeling was no longer good and he was still going to Antwerp.

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mentally stable?

So can great old So far the deal with Herta is completed. The two clubs have already reached an agreement and a four-year contract is also ready for De Boswell. Greetings from Paul Gheysens, who actually snatched 21-year-old Michel-Ange Balikwisha in front of the club last summer and now open his wallet again one last time to win the controversy. Of course, the Overmars also played a major role. He knows Ekkelenkamp from Ajax and kept the connection warm. Mark van Bommel also insisted on his arrival. “It’s not a question of money,” said Mo Sinnoh (ICM/Stellar), the player’s agent. “There was an agreement between Club Brugge and Hertha, but after a night’s sleep it was a choice based on the story of Overmars and Van Bommel.”

We were upset with the club, after all the work they put into this file. Ekkelenkamp wasn’t immediately expected to be the big guy, as Hans Vanaken and Casper Nielsen now play in his position(s), but he was a very welcome boost, it seems. Only his mental stability was called into question – and rightly so, they would think later. Now let’s see how it will develop in the competition. His first season in the Bundesliga didn’t go as planned – he only got 765 minutes – but Ecklenkamp is keen to prove himself again in Belgium.