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Heart below the belt for ex-cancer patients

Heart below the belt for ex-cancer patients

Vigel – Many people find it difficult to live with chronic cancer or the consequences after successful cancer treatment. The vast majority of these people suffer from complaints such as fatigue and problems concentrating. Often their environment does not think about this or understand how they can provide support. This is why Veghel organization “Shit or Shine” is organizing the special card movement #eensparklevoorjou. In doing so, it gives everyone the opportunity to support ex-cancer patients.

Shit or Shine was founded in October 2020 by Elsbeth Slippens of Veghel. “I’ve noticed that there has been little or none for women who are undergoing cancer follow-up or who are living with chronic cancer. When I researched the available information, I noticed that the focus was often on what was not possible. I want to focus on what is still possible. And how you can achieve that and shine again. You can choose whether you focus on ‘nonsense’ or ‘gloss’. This is how the name of my platform was born.”

# Hahaha

Shit or Shine is an online community for cancer survivors or those with chronic cancer. It contains experience stories, essential articles, free tips and ebooks, as well as training courses to be more fit and positive in life. Especially for Cancer Survivors Day on June 5, Elsbeth is launching a special offer Business card† Elsbeth explains “This day has been around for 35 years, but it’s still completely unknown in the Netherlands.” “This day is mainly to celebrate life with or after cancer. Anyone can send a card (with a tea bag) through our website to someone with or after cancer. Not only on June 5th, but all year round. I also hope it supports as many as possible. Possible people someone via social media with #eensparklevoorjou on June 5th.”

On June 2 at 3 PM, Shit of Shine organizes a “coffee company” in Vigil. your man from harWelcome to catch up and meet other women who are cancer survivors or those with chronic cancer. You can register via Facebook page From shit or gloss.
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