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Here's what you should pay attention to when buying a dining table

Here’s what you should pay attention to when buying a dining table


Perhaps the shape is more important than the size of the table. The shape of a dining table can do a lot with a room. The most common shapes are: rectangular / square and oval / round, but now there are also tables that combine these shapes. Like a rectangular table with rounded corners so that it is between the oval and the rectangle. It is important above all else to take the rest of your interior design and your own taste into account when choosing a look. Each form has its pros and cons.

Round/Oval Table:

A round or oval table fits well in small spaces because it is so compact. Plus, you can easily move the chair around and have more contact with everyone sitting at the table compared to a rectangular one. A round or oval table also adds something unique to the dining room and creates contrast with the corners of the house.

Another advantage is that children cannot bump into annoying corners. You will notice that there is less space at the top. In addition, a round table does not look great on a straight wall, while you can put a rectangular table on the wall.

Rectangular/Square Table:

Such tables are easy to arrange in the room, as they can stand against straight walls. In addition, you have quite a lot of space on such a rectangular surface and they are available in all kinds of different sizes.

The disadvantage of such a table is that it takes up quite a lot of space, so this is not very practical in a smaller room. Plus, especially with a long table, you have less contact with all your table mates.


Of course, the size of your table is very important. Especially if you have less space, you have to choose the right table. Otherwise, you’ll lose half of your room to a dining table and not everyone will want that.

When choosing the size of your dining table, it is important to measure how much space you actually have. Of course you want to be able to move your chair back. But it is also important to consider how many people need to be seated. Also consider any guest who would like to join us for dining.

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Do you not have a lot of space in your home, but do you have people on a regular basis? So it might be the idea to buy an extendable dining table. Then you have a table that is big enough for your family/family most of the time and you can save more space when the guests are seated.


The material perfectly reflects the atmosphere, look and feel of your table. In addition, different materials are also suitable for different lifestyles and living situations. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of the different materials below.


It is a very strong type of wood and has a beautiful, natural, luxurious and warm appearance. In addition, with walnuts you have little chance of getting splinters. However, wood can shrink or expand when moisture is weak and can change color from sunlight.


This is a very soft material and therefore easy to clean. You have to be careful to clean it the right way. Ceramic is a natural stone and is therefore highly sensitive to acids, strong cleaning agents, or rough sponges. Moreover, it is resistant to high temperatures.


Like walnut, this is a strong and hard wood. It is easy to maintain due to its protective coating and also has little chance of splinters. Unfortunately, oak wood can shrink or expand when moisture is poor.

mango wood:

This type of wood has a warm, exotic and durable appearance. It is made from mango trees that no longer bear fruit. The tricky thing about this table is that it’s not completely flat and always has bumps of dimples on top.

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the structure

Not only the top of the table is important, but also the legs under it have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can choose the table leg in the middle of the top. These look very spacious and add a more fun look to your table. But this is difficult for people with long legs.

You can also choose legs on each corner, or X legs on the side. This is very nice for people with long legs and the table is very stable. With these legs, you are limited to the number of chairs that can fit under the table.

In addition to the type of legs, height, of course, also matters. Think about the type of chairs you want to slide under and the length of the people who will be sitting at the table. Most dining tables have a height of about 74 to 78 cm.


Of course, the dining table can not do without chairs. Do you already have a set and are you buying a new dining table based on that? Then take a closer look at Krscic and the rest of the house. Don’t have them yet? Then it is better to first choose a table and get new chairs.

Also calculate how many chairs you will need. For each person sitting at the table, you should calculate about 70 cm. Do you want dining table chairs with armrests? Then take the height of the table into account.


Last but not least† Budget is of course very important to consider before making a relatively large purchase. So first sit down and see how much money you can really spend or are willing to spend on a new dining table.

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