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Hermione Peters and Liz Brokes again won bronze in the World Cup final

Artur Peters and Bram Chickens finished seventh halfway through their B-final. A tough final run saw them close to within four hundred of fourth-placed Latvian Vilde-Ramzantsevs, but not in a race past another team. Peters-Chickens finished sixteenth and still have a long way to go to reach Paris 2024.

Sister Hermione and Liz Brox are allowed to dream out loud about Paris 2024. In fact, they again finished third in their World Cup final, but by a huge margin the entire World Cup was in attendance. Last year, the Olympic stars left the 2021 World Cup on the left. In this final, the Belgians were next to triple Olympic champion Lisa Carrington (New Zealand) and deputy Olympic champion Naja-Pulavska. The Poles finished second behind surprise Germans Passek-Hack, who immediately emerged as candidate world champions in recent races as the new K2 team. In the final meter, the poles narrowly pulled the sheet. Lisa Carrington and her new teammate Alicia Hoskin came in third, while our guys entered the final 250m fifth.

Hermione then picked up the pace and successfully, because first our guys passed Danes Matthiessen-Iverson, and just before the end they also passed triple Olympic champion Lisa Carrington. The New Zealander, who was crowned world champion in the K1 500m yesterday, missed out on bronze by three-hundredths of a second, but it made all the difference to the Belgians after Hermione finished fourth in the K1 500m. .

With three World Cup finals, ending with a bronze medal, the 2022 World Cup Belgium is the most successful World Cup ever for the kayaking world!

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K2 500m Women.


1. Naja – Bulawska (Poland) 1:49.87

2. Paszek – Hague (Ger) 1:50.28

3. Peters – Brocks (Bell) 1:52.64

4. Hoskin – Carrington (NZl) 1:52.67

5. Kerr Russell (GBR) 1:54.15

6. Mathisen – Iverson (Den) 1:54.63

7. Hostens – Jamelot (FRA) 1:55.84

8. Stencils – Wikberg (Swie) 1:55.86

9. Langlois – Hrepaka (Can) 1:56.79

K2 500m Men:

B-Final: 10th to 18th Place:

1. Poulin – McTavish (Can) 1:35.06

2. Paulsen -Osmul (DEN) 1:35.62

3. Stepun – Grabowski (Poll) 1:35.79

4. Gnecchi – Liberto (Ita) 1:36.32

5. Vilde – Rumjancevs (Lat) 1:36.36

6. Benassi – Carreras (Arc) 1:36.45

7. Chickens – Peters (Bell) 1:36.46

8. Zhang – Wang (Chn) 1:36.61

9. Brown – Imp (NZl)