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messenger gebruiken zonder facebook

How do I use Messenger without a Facebook account?

Want to chat via Messenger but don’t need Facebook? This way you can use Messenger without a (active) Facebook account.


Messenger is a very good app for chatting with friends and family. The advantage that Messenger has over other messaging apps like WhatsApp is that your account is not linked to your phone number. So you can easily switch from one device to another without having to mess with your chat history. Possible drawback: Messenger is closely linked to Facebook and without a Facebook account you cannot access it.

But there is a loophole where you can chat with Messenger without having to actively use Facebook. We show you how this works.

Messenger without Facebook: that’s how it is

Create an account

Isn’t Messenger already installed on your smartphone? Then you will have to create an account when you open the app. Messenger will redirect you to Facebook for that. Are you already a member of Facebook? Then you automatically have a Messenger account and can sign in with the same sign-in details. The name and profile picture you use on Facebook are also transferred automatically.

Create a Facebook account
To use Messenger, you need a Facebook account.

disable facebook

It’s annoying that Meta does not allow you to create an account on Messenger without Facebook, until a few years ago this was still possible. But here comes the change: it is not necessary for your Facebook account to be active at all. If you don’t like Facebook, you can deactivate your account. You can do this via Facebook’s privacy settings. Click Privacy and settings > Settings > Your Facebook information > Deactivate and delete. Note: You may not permanently delete your account, because then Messenger will go down as well. With an inactive account, you can still receive and send messages without all the other Facebook distractions.

disable facebook
Put your Facebook account on hold.

Add contacts and chat

Now we’re ready to chat with Messenger. To start a (group) chat, press the button at the top left to type a message. You must of course choose the recipient first. Your contact list will consist of all your Facebook friends who have also downloaded the app, but you can also send messages to people who are not in your friends list. You have to add it manually first (click on your profile picture). There are two ways: Either you upload your phone contacts automatically via Contact Manager, or you send someone a link to your account so they can save you as a contact on Messenger.

Add contacts messenger
Add contacts to start chatting.

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