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How do you darken a 100 pound cannon?

How do you darken a 100 pound cannon?

The Paris police have a lot of work to do: two guns from the Musée de l’Armée are missing. And despite filing a theft complaint, you may have “just lost” it.

Five plates, a medal and a clock. These are just a few of the 500,000 pieces from the Musée de l’Armée that were nowhere to be found in recent stock. The most striking are two Prussian cannons of the 19th century. With a length of 1.2 meters and a weight of one hundred kilograms, you can store it not only in a handbag. So the museum filed a theft report on July 8.

But when the media called for clarification, it turned out that not everyone in the museum was convinced that a robbery had taken place. Even director Arian James Sarazen said, “It’s definitely not a theft.” Since 1965, the cannons have been erected in a courtyard not accessible to the public. It’s impossible to park a car there, and if you roll a hundred-pound cannon down the halls, many people will notice, too.

Perhaps the history of the disappearance can shed some light on this. But no one knows either. Among the other pieces flying in smoke, the museum knows only that they disappeared after 1970. Until then, they graced the private residence of the military governor of Paris. “I suspect that a government agency that moved the guns did not inform the museum,” James Sarzen told Franceinfo. “And they did not disappear.”