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How Taylor Swift mocked bullies in 'Shake It Off'

How Taylor Swift mocked bullies in ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor Swift performed herself at the Pantheon in 2014 with the song Shake It Off. The country singer became a pop icon.

Sasha van der Speten

Then Taylor Swift was fed up with the stinging comments in the tabloids about her dates, her relationship failures and her love affair. The constant irony of composing her songs. Sexism all the way. “Be careful, because if you start a relationship with Taylor, she’ll write a mean song about you after the breakup,” she had to read about herself over and over. The tycoons of the chauvinistic press more than once portrayed her as a pampered little princess who was overconfident in showing her naive secrets to her childhood pop diaries.

In fact, the American singer had already written a song about negative criticism and character assassination. ‘Mean’ from 2011 was a response to the nagging criticism of Bob Lifcitz, a well-known antique critic who has not been credited with a long career. †You, with your words like knives/swords and weapons you use against me,” So she sang in the song, “You got me off my feet again.” At the time, Swift’s conflict with Kanye West, the rapper who interrupted her 2009 Video Music Awards winning speech, brutally forced her into the role of the victim.

In 2014, she had had enough and refused to feed her haters any more rumored food by responding to mischief. The singer analyzed it, “People say the biggest bullshit about media personalities whenever they want.” “I now realize there are only two options: you can take over, be bitter about it and stop trusting people. Or you can get away with it entirely.”

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The lyrics to the song “Shake It Off” were written by themselves. In the first lines, Swift cunningly lists prejudices and gossip. †I stay out too late, sound, “I don’t have anything on my mind / That’s what people say / I go on many dates / But I can’t make them stay / At least that’s what people say.”

the haters

“I wanted to keep the narrative in my hands,” she said on NPR Radio. “So I try to respond with some humor to anyone who tries to get under my skin. I used to be drawn to all this banter, but now I laugh at it. Sure, I think it’s important to pay attention to what some people say about me. But the most important thing is not to lose sight of who you are. “.

This is how Swift puts on a nose he hates. Casually, I likened the popular press to bullies who made everyone’s playground unsafe in their youth. “When I was in high school, I had the illusion that the bastards and the bad guys and the bullies would go on their own when I grew up. Then there would be no bastards attacking you for no reason or telling you that you don’t deserve your happiness. Only after that nothing has changed. The dynamics remain the same. Even if you are no longer in semester “.

Pure Empowerment is now a part of Swift, based on “This bad blow”, She sings. This percussion came from the great Swedish producer Max Martin and his companion Shellback who listened a lot to pop productions from the 80s, just like Swift. “In the ’80s, pop songs sounded very bold,” Swift said. “As if everything was possible and allowed at that time.” And so she went from a country girl to a well-meaning pop star.