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How to use hidden audio isolation in FaceTime and other iOS video chat apps

Sound isolation is an inherent feature since iOS/iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. It works with FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Signal, among others.

FaceTime has a hidden feature that many users will not be aware of. The feature is well hidden and you probably won’t immediately think to take a look around. We only recently discovered for ourselves that many video chat apps support this hidden feature. It may be a bit far, but it will be very useful, this is how the soundproofing works.

Audio settings for FaceTime and more

Since iOS 15, it is finally possible for users to get started with the voice settings in iOS, macOS, and iPadOS for many video chat apps. This workshop not only works with FaceTime, but can also be used in Zoom, Slack and snap chatThe WhatsAppand Instagram & Signal† TikTok, for example, does not support the feature (yet?).

Importance: To activate this feature, you need an iPhone or iPad running iOS/iPadOS 15 and/or a Mac running macOS Monterey.

Filter background noise with sound isolation

How exactly do you start? Audio settings only appear if you’re already in a video chat. So if you want to filter out all the background noise during a FaceTime call or WhatsApp video chat, you should choose Voice Isolation.

On your iPhone or iPad:

  • Start your own video chat
  • Open Control Panel
  • You should now see Standard Mode at the top left, click this
  • You can now choose between three options: Choose here sound insulation

On a Mac:

  • Start your own video chat
  • Open the control panel in the upper right corner
  • You will also see “Standard Mode” on the top right, click this
  • You can now choose between three options: choose here too sound insulation
macOS sound isolation
Click on the top right microphone mode

pass ambient noise

Is it important for a video chat to have background sounds audible? Then you can follow the same steps as in Step 2 Open Control Panel and then choose from the three options for A broad spectrum

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What is possible?

What else can you modify? Did you know that you can make the audio and video controls disappear during a FaceTime or WhatsApp conversation. You can do this by clicking once. Do you want to turn off the sound completely? Then tap on the audio icon, the same goes for your microphone.

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