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I can sit at home to get rid of depression, but I can also help someone

I can sit at home to get rid of depression, but I can also help someone

Hans (82) has been a volunteer for 26 years. He was one of the founders of the Humanitas Home Administration and was appointed a member of Merit this year.

“I knew Humanitas by name only, until I read an ad in a newspaper in 1996. They were looking for mates for ex-psychiatric patients. My wife had been receiving psychiatric help for nearly ten years at the time and thought: ‘With this experience I might be able to do something, too. . to others. “I also wish I had learned more from him.

With my first post, a power cord protruded from the wall in the living room. I joked, “You just arrived, do you really want to get rid of me?” That break the ice. On top of that, it was about paying attention, a bit of humor and above all: showing someone’s worth. A year later, the participant became a volunteer. Fabulous.

After that I was briefly on the board of directors of the Zaandam department, but the practice attracted more. Having helped someone manage their finances, it turns out that many people need it. I thought there was a need for volunteers here. This led to what is now called home management. So very important. And still.

My wife passed away in December of last year. Then I asked Humanitas to help myself: Support in Morning. Someone has already come a few times listening and I can talk to him. Really fantastic. In February I got a nice certification as a member of Merit – I stopped working as a volunteer.

But now I signed up for a friendly home visit again. I can sit at home and get depressed, but I can also help someone. Being a volunteer means that you don’t leave your friend out in the cold, but that you have to reach out. And that gives me a lot of satisfaction for a long time.”

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