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``I drank from 50 to 60, that was enough'

“I drank from 50 to 60, that was enough’

Eric Van Lowe was allowed to blow out 60 candles on Tuesday. Allow this teacher to enter Cooke and Verhulst Show Don’t just pass. Although Van Looy prefers not to celebrate his birthday, Gert and James organized a surprise party. Jonathan Medart, known from TikTok and more recently too Dancing with the StarsHe invited viewers to visit De Zuiderkroon in Antwerp, the director’s brother was also present.

Van Lowe enjoyed the festivities without a glass of champagne. “I drank from 50 to 60, and I thought that was enough,” he said. Van Lowe just took a sip of his recently released beer Tout Bien, by media maker Average Rob. So the presenter will start to be sober smartest person this year.

He also left that all the nominees for the new season of the popular quiz show have been selected in the meantime. Season 20 will be an anniversary edition with the strongest candidates in years past. For example, former winners Tom Waes and Xavier Taveirne will attend again. And it sounded like “but Verholst also changed again”. “I even thought he was the most important player. Of all the 700 candidates in our history, he is the only one who has never lost an ring.”

The smartest person in the world It will start in mid-September this year, a month earlier than usual. You can expect the final in mid-November. In order to avoid conflicting classifications in December with the Qatar World Cup.