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iDropNews: New iPads are on the way, a few more this year

iDropNews: New iPads are on the way, a few more this year

According to Apple’s iDropNews news site, Apple is coming This year with a few new iPad Pro† There will also be a new iPad Mini in development, and the standard iPad will be renewed.

The site claims to have heard that three iPad Pros are coming, two of them this year. It comes on 11, 12.9 and 14.1-inch models, all with the M2 chip and Apple’s new 5G chip. The 11-inch version comes with 128 GB memory as standard for 799 euros. The 12.9-inch version has a small LED screen, and it will be priced at 1099 euros (with 128 GB of storage). The 14.1-inch iPad Pro has a small LED display with a 120Hz refresh rate (Apple’s ProMotion) and will likely cost around €1,400 with 256GB of storage.

iDropNews also notes that a new iPad Mini is in development, although it isn’t expected to be released until the third quarter of 2023. The biggest difference from the current iPad Mini will be the higher screen refresh rate, from 60 to 120 Hz.

Moreover, a new standard iPad will be unveiled in September this year. According to the site, this iPad has a laminated screen, just like the more expensive iPad variants. The tablet will get an A14 or A15 chip, 5G and a USB-c port. The latter, of course, has to do with Europe’s decision on the USB-c charging standard.

Concept images for the new iPad, by Tweet embed