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“If you suspect monkeypox, go to the emergency department, not the doctor.” |  monkeypox

“If you suspect monkeypox, go to the emergency department, not the doctor.” | monkeypox

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Testing for monkeypox virus requires appropriate swabs and a universal transmission method to bring those swabs to the laboratory wet. “If that didn’t happen, the quality of the samples would be poor and you wouldn’t be able to do those tests,” van Ranst explains. These materials are available in various emergency services in our country, but not in most general practices. It appears that “at the moment, I don’t think our emergency services are ever being overrun, so testing capacity shouldn’t be expanded.”

How quickly the virus spreads in the near future depends on several factors. “You will always have an increase. The only question is whether this increase will be linear, or will it be exponential,” says van Ranst. However, experts do not expect an exponential increase, although they note that the virus is currently behaving differently than what has been seen before “The fact that this is suddenly sexually transmitted has not happened before, so we expect that the virus will also be able to spread in other ways, for example through close skin-to-skin contact or by being at a speaking distance in the same room for a long time. . ”

Smallpox virus has been studied for a long time, and it has not been properly investigated whether the virus can also be spread through small droplets of saliva. “We have to have an open mind and check it out,” says van Ranst.

At the moment, it is not appropriate yet to start a large-scale vaccination campaign. “This is not at all the case now,” concludes the virologist.

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