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Imou announces the DB60 fully wireless video doorbell

Imou announces the DB60 fully wireless video doorbell

Imo reported the introduction of the doorbell with the long-awaited video. The new member goes like DB60 Lifetime and completely wireless thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and WiFi (2.4GHz) chip. In addition to the doorbell, the DB60 set includes DS21 gong, multiple arcs (angled) and built-in 4GB eMMC storage. To make the most of the built-in storage and battery, the bell will only pick up when motion is detected, and is manually activated in the Imou Life app or when the doorbell button is pressed.

Imou claims crystal-clear images thanks to the 5 MP lens with qhd + resolution (2560 x 1920), the H.265 image compression technology should ensure that recordings and streaming are of high quality and take up relatively little space. The wide fisheye lens should ensure that you can see everyone standing in front of your door from head to toe, while interaction is possible through the two-way conversation function. In addition, the DB60 has a quick reply function, which allows replying to visitors with pre-recorded and pre-set messages.

With a motion sensor, the DB60 should be able to warn you when you need it. Human detection can be activated, while you can also set detection areas so that you will only be notified if motion is detected within a specific area of ​​the screen.

As mentioned, the doorbell has 4GB of eMMC built-in storage, which according to imo should be enough for several weeks of recordings. In addition, you can also choose a cloud storage subscription, which can provide you with security reports, rich notifications, AI detection, and more, depending on the chosen subscription.

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Fully charged, the 6200mAh battery should last up to 180 days under normal conditions, based on 5 minutes of activation time per day. Battery performance of course depends on how often the camera is activated. For example, the frequency can be exceptionally high at the expense of battery life. The DB60 can also be connected directly to a DC12 adapter or an optional continuous charging adapter.

The DS21 gong is included in the package to ensure that you can hear the bell even when your smartphone is not within reach. The doorbell also acts as a Wi-Fi extender for the DB60 to improve connectivity. In the Life app, you can choose different ringtones.

The Imou DB60 collection will be available at the beginning of June for 159 euros.