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Impression: The Park - VR Playground Amsterdam

Impression: The Park – VR Playground Amsterdam

On 1 July we were allowed to visit the new location of The Park, a true VR stadium in the heart of Amsterdam. After previous locations in Breda, The Hague, Eindhoven and Zwolle, it is now up to our capital to share virtual reality experiences with its residents. We’ve already been allowed to test the site in some trials. Read our impression here.

We were allowed to play a couple of games to test the headphones and the room. There are two large play areas of nine by nine meters where you can experience playing with two to eight players at the same time and several places for individual VR experiences. For solo experiences, there’s the HTC Vive Pro headphones and for team gaming, we’ve got the HTC Vive Focus 3 on our heads, streaming the experience completely wirelessly from PCs located elsewhere.

Our first experience was shooting zombies sanctify A team of 3 had to survive after waves of hideous creatures came towards us. Using our rifle, shotgun or dynamite crossbow, we were able to take on the spitting zombies, run, carry the knife and blast, until we got to the last boss that came rushing towards us.

the garden

Despite the fact that we were told several times that we could really use the entire 81 square meters with three people, it still felt awkward to spontaneously walk a few meters in one direction. Most VR experiences are limited to three metres, so sometimes having to run or dodge the jump was a highlight. Fortunately, the game made sure that we tried to use this space, because standing still quickly decided your fate.

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After this experience we also had the opportunity the mole to play with others. This game also makes optimum use of the entire space. In the game, we had to get into a container to move, after which we can complete the course and complete various tasks. It was, of course, entirely calculated for space, but it honestly felt like an empty space where we rarely get to see the outer edges. The players were also taking turns in the lift, and even though we stayed at the same height, complete freedom ensured that we still had the take-off experience. With the game itself it stayed exciting until the end, but unfortunately we were completely in tunnel vision and lost.

the garden

What The Park gave us a good experience is that virtual reality with friends/others comes better alone than individual. In addition, the large 9 x 9 space combined with the wireless headphones is an absolute asset for you to experience these experiences in bird-free quality. As far as we’re concerned, we’d definitely recommend The Park, regardless of the location, but we see that Amsterdam is also ready for the exciting experiences that this new location can offer.