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'In the office or the door': Tesla employees return to the office, but not enough space to accommodate them

‘In the office or the door’: Tesla employees return to the office, but not enough space to accommodate them

After threats of layoffs for anyone who wants to continue working from home, Tesla employees are returning to the office. But the electric car maker seems to be overwhelmed: there aren’t enough tables, not enough parking spaces, and the WiFi connection is overburdened.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently declared to all remote workers who work at home, in his opinion, that “it can be done in the office or the door is there.” Threaten to fire employees if they don’t spend at least 40 hours a week in the office. The tech billionaire also sent a strong signal to employees of Twitter, a company Musk is buying: “You should put homeless people in this office, because there’s no one there.”

As a result, Tesla employees have returned to the office at the Fremont, California location in recent weeks. However, this did not go as planned. Firstly, it was difficult to park due to the lack of parking spaces. Then there was another problem with the office space itself: employees often couldn’t find a place to work because it was too crowded. As a result, some have been asked to work from home after all. Finally the wifi connection was also an issue, you know the edge† Ridiculous fact, as Musk also runs Starlink, a satellite internet service provider.

The number of employees has doubled since 2019

The question is, did Musk miscalculate his staff and office capacity? At least it looks that way. Since 2019, the number of employees of the car manufacturer has doubled. More than two years of the pandemic have also passed between 2019 and now. They made remote work necessary. It appears that the office space for the new employees has not been expanded. In the past two years, some offices have also been converted to perform other functions.

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This problem may get worse. Musk announced that within a year, the total number of employees would be higher than it is now, to about 100,000 people. But before that happens, there will still be layoffs. Musk wanted to let 10 per cent of his staff leave because of “feeling so bad about the economy”. Since then, he has partially revised his intentions. “But” about 3 to 3.5 percent of the workforce will be fired.