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Indonesia was hit hard by the mkz

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) has hit Indonesia hard in the last month. To date, nearly 4 million infected animals have been reported. The first outbreak was reported on May 7 in New Zealand and Australia.

It went fast after the first infection. A total of 3.9 million cattle were affected in fifteen provinces, including May 17, VOI reports. According to the news site, the eruption comes at an unfortunate time, the Eid al-Adha festival on July 10th.

The news site reports that it could take up to 100 years for the virus to be eradicated from the country. The Minister of Agriculture has stated that it is safe to eat the meat of a sick animal. The mkz virus is also harmful only to birds with toes.


Indonesia has already called for vaccines to combat the outbreak. The Minister of Agriculture said that vaccines are being imported. However, he prefers vaccines made in Indonesia. They should be ready in a few months. There are also concerns about the eruption in Australia and New Zealand.

The New Zealand government has set aside $ 42.9 million, or about மில்லியன் 26 million, to maintain the country’s biosafety. For example, imported goods are additionally verified. Those in contact with livestock abroad are not allowed to visit farms in New Zealand for a week. The country has also offered to help Indonesia The disease must be controlledRefers to VOI.

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