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Insiders are leaking more details about Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Insiders are leaking more details about Call of Duty: Warzone 2

It is now known that Activision is working on an entirely new part of Call of Duty: Warzone. While it remains unclear exactly when the battle royale game should be released, more details are being leaked by insiders. Earlier this week, YouTuber NerosCinema already knew New information Reveal, and now famous insider Tom Henderson has taken it high.

in a message on eXputer Henderson shares information about some of the new features coming to Call of Duty: Warzone 2. He talks about an interrogation system similar to Rainbow Six Siege. When you shoot an enemy, you can interrogate him with the push of a button. You will then get an animation to remove and finally kill the enemy, after which the locations of other enemies will be shown on the mini map. Henderson still has a little punch in the arm, but he assumes that feature will be there in Warzone 2.

Another interesting feature is the introduction of Pro Perks in Warzone 2. Pro Perks were first integrated into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 years ago. These are upgrades to the core perks that give players more skills. Pro perks are available in Warzone 2 from Strongholds, which are the locations where you can get gear. It is not yet clear exactly how the Pro Perks will be implemented, but according to Henderson they will certainly be present in Warzone 2.

Furthermore, Henderson delves into details that were previously leaked. For example, there is more clarity about the “bag system”, which will be your inventory. Players can find bags of different sizes and in your bag you can store things like weapons, ammo, and kill steps. In addition, different types of weapons also take up different space in the bag, so you need to think carefully about what you do and what not to take with you.

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Finally, Henderson describes the armor vests in Warzone 2 as a mix between the first Warzone and Blackout Armor systems. Players must first obtain an armor jacket of a certain class, after which they can obtain armor plates to actually be additionally protected.