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Installing a heat pump?  These are the consequences of your fire insurance |  MyGuide

Installing a heat pump? These are the consequences of your fire insurance | MyGuide

Spaargids.beMore and more people are choosing the heat pump. With a heat pump, you can heat and cool your home more sustainably, but it’s a great investment. Do you also need additional insurance? And does your fire insurance get more expensive if you install a heat pump? He will find out for you.

Installing a heat pump in an existing home is an important investment. That is why doubt often arises about whether you should inform the insurance company about this. “The rule is already that it is best for you to inform the insurance company or broker about any structural changes in your home. This way you avoid any problems afterwards,” says Barbara van Spiebrueck, spokeswoman for Assuralia, the Belgian professional association of insurers.

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Do you need additional insurance?

Inquiries with some insurance companies show that anyone who has installed a heat pump at home does not need additional insurance. Installation is covered by fire insurance. It is not necessary to modify your fire insurance contract. So your fire insurance will never get more expensive. “With the insurance companies I contacted, the heat pump is covered by fire insurance. This is also the case for solar panels,” explains Barbara Van Spiebrook.

At DVV, among other things, customers do not have to take out additional insurance or review a fire insurance contract. “In DVV, heat pumps are effectively covered by fire insurance. They are part of what insurance considers the concept of ‘construction,'” says insurance company Belfius, which includes DVV.

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Fixed heating installation

This is also the case in Argenta. “Our policy includes the following two points in the building’s definition,” company spokesperson Mickey Wynne explains. This includes “real estate that is part of such construction, such as fixed heating installations, connections, meters for water, electricity, gas or other facilities.” In addition, it concerns movable property that is permanently attached to the property and in accordance with Art. 3.47 of the Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek) became immovable by destination, but to exclude business assets. The heat pump is not explicitly listed, but we consider it a “stationary heating facility”. When it comes to movable property that is permanently attached to the yard (immovable depending on the destination) such as solar panels, it is also automatically covered with us.”

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