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Intel Arc 7 A730M outperforms mobile RTX 3070 in 3DMark Time Spy

Intel Arc 7 A730M outperforms mobile RTX 3070 in 3DMark Time Spy

Now that the first laptops with an Intel Arc 7 A730M graphics processor are available in China, benchmark scores are also being shared. Scores of 3DMark Time Spy have appeared on Weibo, as well as from Chinese retailer JD.

For example, the second most powerful Intel Arc Alchemist laptop chip will score a graphics score of 10,002 to 10,138 points. According to the NotebookCheck database, this is on average 4.9% faster than the Nvidia RTX 3070 laptop variant, while the portable RTX 3080 scores 6.8% more points than the A730M. This would be the most favorable scenario, as Intel’s Arc chips are said to perform relatively lower in gaming. In this case, the A730M would prefer to match the 90W version of the RTX 3060.

According to Intel’s marketing materials, the A730M uses the partially disabled ACM-G10 chip with 24 Xe cores and 12GB gddr6 memory. The flagship, the A770M, has 32 Xe cores on board and is paired with 16GB of RAM. The first notebooks with these chips are expected to be released in other regions during the summer.

The A770M offers a third more Xe cores than its smaller brother.

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