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Intel: The first Arc Alchemist desktop cards coming later this summer

Intel: The first Arc Alchemist desktop cards coming later this summer

The release schedule for Intel’s Arc Alchemist video cards has been unclear for some time. While Team Blue launched its first laptop GPU at the end of March, no laptops with these chips have yet been found. In addition, there are rumors that the desktop cards will also be released in the third quarter at the earliest – a quarter of the due date.

Intel plans to release more than four million discrete GPUs this year.

Meanwhile, Intel CEO Lisa Pierce confirmed that Samsung released its first Arc laptops in South Korea. It will be launched in other regions soon, as well as models from other manufacturers. In addition, the lowest segmented A3 desktop cards are expected in China during the quarter. The world’s most powerful A5 and A7 volumes will begin rolling out “later this summer” with OEMs and system builders, followed by individual sales worldwide.

This planning should ensure, in its own words, Intel’s ability to “serve customers effectively”. However, it is claimed in the aisles that the manufacturer still had problems optimizing drivers. For example, they failed to release the promised driver update in April. According to Pierce, this is due to add-ons that were added during development, which caused debugging to take longer.

Intel may be referring to the A780 Limited Edition, which will compete with the RTX 3070 and RX 6700 XT.

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