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Intel's Raja Kodori denies closing Arc series: rumors 'don't help anyone'

Intel’s Raja Kodori denies closing Arc series: rumors ‘don’t help anyone’

Raja Kodori, Head of Intel’s Arc Team, denies rumors That Intel plans to discontinue the Arc video cards. On Twitter, he said the stories are “not helping anyone,” and shares an image of an Arc Desktop GPU, which is “prepared” for launch.

The tweet By Raja Kodori.

Rumors that Intel’s Arc series of desktop computers will stop working have been around for some time. Frequent release delays, board partners dropping out, disappointing benchmark results, and extremely high development costs all don’t help.

Arc Desktop gpu, yesterday Subscribed to Twitter.

Moore’s Law Is Dead claimed in its video last Saturday that ‘secret’ Arc cards are now Already “Actually Canceled”. Intel insiders could have told him that there was “a little bit of optimism” among the staff and that the Arc Battlemage (the next generation of Arc) would only consist of low/mid-end GPU chips. According to a few sources, the decision was made to stop using “high-end” video cards.

Koduri now denies this. Last week, a couple of Intel employees said in interviews that the Arc A770 and A750 would be available “very soon,” but of course we heard that a lot in the meantime.

Moore’s law video.


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