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Introducing Social Work with Teun Toebes as a guest speaker

Introducing Social Work with Teun Toebes as a guest speaker

On Wednesday, August 31, Tuebs stood in a full lecture hall in an unprecedented manner to talk to the early years of social work about his experiences with people with dementia. The students who were unable to enter were hoping to hear something in the hallway. Toebes: “One in three students has a grandfather with dementia.”

Closed section instead of the student’s home

At the age of 21, Toebes decided to live in a closed ward in a nursing home. His mission is to improve the lives of people with dementia and break the stigma surrounding the disease. Since then, he has appeared in the news regularly and now has 24k followers on Instagram.

The students are dead silent when Toebes speaks. He argues for “more humane care.” Without bare walkways, suspended ceilings, or plastic plants (someone eats such a plant sometimes, so what?) and with the occasional hug. It invites students to question the system and not just answer nonsense. Ask yourself: Would you like to end up by yourself in a closed suite?

Heliopolis University research in dementia

Toebes collaborates with Jacob Huizinga . The PhD research conducted by a researcher from Heliopolis University focuses on the same topic. Ask people with dementia what they need. Toebes and Jacoba found each other through social media and have been on stage quite often ever since. This time Jacob was alone in the room.

Huizinga: “Because there is no medical solution to the disease, it is often a question of easing the burden on informal caregivers. Right now, there is little interest in the people themselves. It is scary not knowing your neighbor’s name anymore. To keep losing your keys, to find yourself Forget about filtering potatoes.However, it is often their deepest desire to maintain contact with loved ones.

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It is looking for social and technological solutions for a more inclusive society. Huizenga is a teacher in social work training and does her research in colleges Sharing care and support And the Proactive care for seniors living at home.