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Is Andre Hazes reconciled with Monique on vacation?  She is pure as a mother |  showbiz

Is Andre Hazes reconciled with Monique on vacation? She is pure as a mother | showbiz

Andre Hazes and Monique Westenberg are currently in Thailand with their five-year-old son Andre Jr. Monique regularly posts holiday photos on social media, leading some to suspect that there may be more going on between the two. Freeview. But Andrei’s friend denies this in the Dutch “Story”. “Monique knows that she is just as a mother. Andrei and she does not have a relationship, and in fact there is no one in his immediate environment who still believes in it. “

“He never slept in her house in Berkle in Rodnerijs in all that time,” continues the witness in “The Story.” “Andre is very fond of Monique and still is, especially in the presence of little Dre, he will show that extra thing to make him feel: Mom and Dad are still crazy about each other. Look, of course we know what Andrei is: He and Monique can be intimate during these holidays, Whether it’s a hug or a kiss on the mouth or more. But it means nothing. Even if Andrei tries to reconcile with Monique again, no one actually thinks they’ve completed a quarter. He left her twice because she couldn’t make him happy. That this happened for the third time maybe It’s a fantasy that Monique cherishes, but that’s not realistic.”

In March last year, Andrei and Monique broke up again, a few months after he proposed to her. Hazes then moved on almost immediately with his new girlfriend Sarah Van Solen, but this relationship was short-lived. In September it was announced that Hazes would not be working for the time being due to fatigue. He is “emotionally exhausted”. Throughout the whole of 2022, his schedule was empty.

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