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“Is it definitely 6-1 at the Red Devils?”: Belgian Arrows beat Japan easily in first round of World Cup Darts play against Poland tomorrow | World Cup darts

DartsThe Belgian Arrows, along with Kim Hobrets and Dmitry van der Berg, easily qualified for the second round of the Darts World Cup. Japan became a few sizes too small: 5-2. “The job is done, and now we’re really competitive.” Poland is waiting for tomorrow night.

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“We have only one goal: to lift the trophy,” said Hybrechts and van den Berg. A good start is half the battle. This is because in the opening match at the Eisportale in Frankfurt, Germany, Belgium easily withdrew from Japan’s World Cup qualifiers with the unknown Tomoyo Koto and Doru Suzuki.

The Belgian arrows immediately took the initiative and, thanks to Huybrechts’ 180, went through Japan’s foot. ‘Dancing Timmy’ quickly found the maximum score, a precursor to confirming the break. 2-0.


It is the load that falls from the shoulder. We are really in competition now.

Huybrechts and van den Berg

Average speaking levels. When our Belgians initially reached the age of 100, Koto and Suzuki only had to do with 78 people.

After that Japan had its own feet, but Belgium advanced to 4-1. Koto struggled for a while, scoring 96 runs in our comrades’ game. Kim and Dmitry’s condition has been declining for some time. But it was an obstacle for Japan as Belgium finished it in the seventh leg: 5-2.

A hug after the win against Japan. © VTM

Huybrechts and Van den Bergh face Poland in the second round tomorrow. In the evening session, it may continue on and VTM 2. Krzysztof Ratajski and Sebastian Bialecki defeated the United States 5-4.

“Was the Red Devils 6-1 against Poland?”

“That’s enough. No more, no less,” Hypertz and Van den Berg told Rudy Lancesen on the spot. The work is done. That is how we see it. ” So the first ban was lifted. “It’s a burden thrown off the shoulders. We’re really in competition now. The first match was very difficult, especially in the short form. No one should be underestimated.” Now Poland. ”Sleep well first. (Laughs) Was the 6-1 determination against the Red Devils against Poland?

See full answer below:

Other results for Friday:

Latvia – Hungary: 5-1
Sweden – South Africa: 5-2
Portugal – Italy: 5-3
Australia – Lithuania: 5-2
England – Czech Republic: 5-1
Scotland – Hong Kong: 5-1

Second Round Posters:

Belgium – Poland
England – Latvia
Scotland – Portugal
Australia – Sweden
Wales – Austria
Germany – Denmark
Netherlands – Ireland
Northern Ireland – New Zealand

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Kim Huybrechts and Dmitry van den Berg are in full swing for the final victory in the World Cup Darts: “Almost got some kicks under our asses at home”

Huybrechts and van den Berg.
Huybrechts and van den Berg. © r

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