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Is it over for Lviv and Louie?  Three questions left by "Thuis" fans after Bob and Tamara's wedding |  showbiz

Is it over for Lviv and Louie? Three questions left by “Thuis” fans after Bob and Tamara’s wedding | showbiz

What was supposed to be the best night of their lives has turned out to be – to say the least – a little weird for Bob and Tamara. After a botched word from their witnesses, the dance party began and was one that the “Home” audience will not soon forget.

Viv and Louie: Over and over again?

Viv and Louie are no longer a couple. Lowe’s continued desire to have children turned out to be a bigger obstacle than the couple wanted to admit. Viv at the dance decided to end it all. She couldn’t bear to give Lowe what he wanted so badly: a baby. Both Viv and Lowie are devastated. Lowe saw no choice but to drown his sorrows with his already broken uncle Frank.

Can’t Kristen really focus on the couple?

“At the wedding there will always be something you weren’t expecting,” Dieter told Tamara Thursday morning. Neither Dries nor Lowe gave the most surprising speech at the wedding. Kristen walked away with this honor. After praising the new couple, she couldn’t resist and let out perhaps the most unexpected words of the evening. Adel’s request at her friends’ wedding was not unusual for her. He couldn’t help but say “yes”.

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Is this the most romantic start for Silk and Elias ever?

The pricks of love must have been in the air at Bob and Tamara’s party, because Elias, too, had finally folded before his selca. After last week’s kiss at my lady’s bar, Elias played a bit hard, but Silk had to be by her side Elias. After playing hard air guitar solos, she managed to convince Bon Jovi’s biggest fan at the wedding to venture onto the dance floor. Love was in the air, and so the wedding evening ended with an extra couple at Thuis.

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