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Is "Member" Bart Kanerts Really Called "Bloisie"?  “I neither confirm nor deny this story”: This was the “smartest human being” |  Television

Is “Member” Bart Kanerts Really Called “Bloisie”? “I neither confirm nor deny this story”: This was the “smartest human being” | Television

TelevisionFortunately TV broadcasts have been in color for a while. When Eric Van Lowe revealed that Bart Kanerts’ “member” nickname was “bluesgi,” the comedian turned red and went no further than “I can neither confirm nor deny this story.” Fluff or not, Jill Clemens got a solid opponent.

The movie “The Smartest Man in the World” went even higher in Episode 7. Challenging game rounds but there are a lot of good answers. Thanks to three strong candidates who were in the arena.

Bart Kanerts was nervous. Not surviving that first post would have been especially painful. Because, yes, Bart made no secret of the fact that he studied a lot. And earlier, it became clear that Jill Clemens also wanted to last long and finish high. After the traditional foreplay, in which judges Rick Verhey and Gilly DePaul were allowed to fill their part of the show, it was up to the candidates to issue the sentence. The perplexity is punished, but is best played during the challenging picture tour and the knife-to-tooth fight during the movie tour. Each took time from the others, but Cannaerts scored the best in, Fair is fair, the easiest video, and put the icing on the cake by recording an extra 90 seconds in the video about Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Bart was the deserved winner.

In the final match between Jelly and Eva, things went really fast at first, until vegetarian De Roo got a question about soup and had to go fast. And then Geely reduced himself strategically to a score of 34-34. With all the risks. Earlier in the episode, Bart Kanerts faced his fiasco in 2012 when he fell strategically in the final against Thomas van den Spiegel not knowing anything about Tegel Owenspiegel. This did not happen to a generation. Play softly with good answers about the Italian composer Vivaldi.

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The duo on the jury Rik & Jelle did an excellent job. Including a gimmick around the charts and a game about who he felt was being treated as Jelle. Just to say that the combination of humor and seriousness was correct.

best quotes

Jill Clemens (what he wanted to be a kid): “Drummer. Because of Ben Crabbe. At that time I looked at him, now I look down.” (Indicating the stature of a small bin)

Eric Van Lowe (after asking about the koala and Bart who said he goes to the zoo with his baby): “Koala T-Time.”

fun moments

Jill Clemens tells how his true, true friends come to support. That Van Looy said: “And there are four of them.”

Eva De Roo strongly believes that she will also survive her third engagement, because she says she is wearing her lucky underwear. Underwear recommended by her husband Jan Paternoster. “You have to believe in him,” he apparently said. Which Eva explains is “an old thing, but she’s been through a lot”.

Jelle De Beule appears to have done his duties well and presents a graph on the smartest human performance of the three candidates. “What can I infer from that? I won’t know,” it seemed then.

Transformation moments

In the Open Door round, each candidate gets 10 seconds. The ‘Open Door’ generation doesn’t play well and it lags far behind in ‘The Enigma’.

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On the photo tour, Gilly is pretty and plays hard with mixed movie titles. Eva veiled the faces of the Belgian politicians well, but Bart is very quick to ask questions about Greece.

The high continues on the video tour, but Bart continues to score at the crucial moment.

The final match between Gilly and Eva proceeds at lightning speed, until Eva withholds the question about the stew. Jelly drops strategically and plays. Without pride before falling.

Final score (for the final match)

1. Bart Kanerts 396 seconds.

3. Jill Clemens 257 seconds.

The result

1. Jonas Gernert 5 entries 2 wins 2 finals won 1 lost final

2. Delphine Lecompte 4 entries 2 wins 1 final won 1 final lost

3. Eva De Roo 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

4. Jelle Cleymans 2 entries 1 win 1 win final

5. Bart Kanerts 1 entry 1 win


8 entries, 2 wins

He now works behind the scenes on radio and television

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