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Is there chemistry between you and your partner?  It depends on these five factors -

Is there chemistry between you and your partner? It depends on these five factors –

Call it a spark, a click, or a hard chemistry, but something happens when you fall in love. Is it more than some jumping hormones and attractive looks? Not at first glance, but later.

“Love at first sight is really nothing more than lust at first sight. Hence, pure sexual attraction,” says clinical psychologist and relationship therapist Sarah Hertens. In the latest news.

Appearance plays an important role in this, says Hertens. “Whoever has a type—like tall, muscular, dark hair and dark eyes—would be more attracted to such a person. We also find that nonverbal matters are important: how the person speaks, moves, makes eye contact,…”

But in the end there has to be more to a good relationship. Hertens describes the five pillars of Mira Kirshenbaum’s psychotherapy. “First you have that physical and sexual attraction, but in addition to that you need four other things.”

“Informal and genuine communication is a second requirement. In other words: you feel immediately comfortable with each other. Every conversation goes smoothly and even on the first date you have the idea that you can keep gossiping until late at night. Third, you need respect, which means That you admire your partner even if you don’t agree with him.”

“Humour and fun are somewhat more playful, but equally necessary. It is important that the spouses are on the same wavelength in that area and can have fun together. Finally, safety is a must, until you dare to be vulnerable and have confidence in the other” , explains Hertens. “Only when all five ingredients are present does the chemistry exist.”

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