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Is this the world's smallest mobile home you could have for €4,500?

Is this the world’s smallest mobile home you could have for €4,500?

Madrid – Before you read on, this RV/RV comes from China and is sold through Alibaba or the manufacturer’s website. There are very few copies and the chance of buying one and then driving legally in Europe is slim. However, we thought it was a good idea to report because this little tuktuk-like rickshaw costs only €4,500. It’s called Xinge RV.

Will you be able and dare to drive in it? Do you think you will sleep comfortably? The Xinge RV tuk tuk is for sale in China, nowhere else, at a cost of 4,500 euros converted. The caravan is fully equipped: it has a kitchenette with no possibility to cook, but with running water and a sink, there is a shower and the sofa can be converted into a double bed. There is also a mini fridge, TV and air conditioning.

The porthole wagon carriage As befits a tuk-tuk, it (Capuchino in Spanish) stands on three wheels and is about three and a half meters long. Despite its small size, this camper has a lot of room inside, thanks in part to the porthole, which gives you extra storage space above the driver and co-driver.

It’s also an electric model, so there’s no need to top up with petrol or diesel. The Xinge RV only has a 7.2 kWh battery, which means this 600kg model can’t go very far. The trip from Holland or Belgium to Spain takes a long time with this battery and a top speed of 45 km / h.

Xinge RV can be purchased directly from the manufacturer via this The website (although not included in the website) or via websites such as Alibaba where a few copies can be found. Suppose you can drive one tuk-tuk after all, the question now is whether you can drive it in Europe.

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