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Isaac Peekman Academy students on board need to be clarified soon: ‘Rural administrator should resign’

On Monday, Sander Bussink, director of the Isaac Beeckman Academy in Kapelle, along with school administrators from SvPO’s seven other schools, wrote an open letter to the committee. In that letter they ask the driver to get down. “For the good of the school, the new board should take office soon,” Passink said.

The Minister of Education had earlier said that the Director should leave and had already prepared the Interim Committee. According to school directors, the driver does not want to do this and wants to establish his successor. But Bussink and his colleagues only want a new board, a board appointed by the minister.

Last month it turned out that the management of SvPO was not in order. Then it was revealed that 22.5 million tuition money was spent on wrong things. Most of that money has been invested in school buildings owned by the director’s trust. This is not allowed, so it must be refunded. In addition, the director and his wife, who are on the board, would have assigned tasks to relatives for study and education, the school directors said, and its quality would be desirable.

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