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It looks like this

It looks like this

With the new Stage Manager feature in iPadOS 16, you can have multiple windows open on iPad at the same time. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on iPads with the M1 chip. It can still bring up Stage Manager on the iPad mini – and it looks like this.

Read on after the announcement.

Stage Manager on iPad mini

together with iOS 16 The iPad will also receive a major update to iPadOS 16. This new version of the operating system includes the new Stage Manager functionality. This makes multitasking a lot easier.

Stage Manager makes it easy to use multiple applications at the same time. Programs you have opened, but not used, remain on the left side of the screen. This way you can easily open it again. Unfortunately, Stage Manager is only available on iPad Pro 2021 And the iPad Air 2022 With M1 chip on board.

iPad Air 2022 has an M1 chip and will also get Stage Manager with iPadOS 16

It’s a shame Apple chose to make Stage Manager available only for iPads equipped with the M1 chip. While there is a feature in the iPadOS 16 source code that allows Stage Manager to work on older iPads (like iPad mini) can be used.

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website 9to5Mac I was able to bring up the Stage Manager on the iPad mini. Since there is no jailbreak (for installing apps outside the App Store) for iPad OS 16 Available, they had to find another way. They succeeded with “iOS Simulator”. This is an Apple tool that allows developers to test their apps on a Mac.

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This is what Stage Manager looks like on the iPad mini

The iPad mini’s screen is of course much smaller than the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Still, Stage Manager looks great on the iPad mini. You can open three iPhone screen size apps side by side without any issues. Useful if you want to check Twitter and Instagram, for example, while reading a website.

Stage manager on ipad mini

It is also possible to open a larger application window, leaving everything else in the background. This allows you to easily drag files between windows. At the moment, the iPad mini already has the option to open three applications simultaneously with functions Split view and slide upbut it is not possible, for example, to put three applications next to each other.

Here are more new features in iPadOS 16

Apple unveiled the successor to iPadOS 15 at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), the annual gathering of software developers. The new iPadOS release focuses on collaboration with others. For example, you can collaborate on a document by simply pressing a button.

iPad OS 16

On top of that, Apple brings some new apps to the iPad, including the Weather app. With this you can not only know if it will still be dry next week, but also how much precipitation is expected and when. The Weather app also provides information about the temperature.

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