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It will be the best-selling sports car in the world by 2021

As the current generation of Mustangs gradually begins to think about the successor, the ‘Pony Car’ continues to sell like hot cakes. It should be clear from the statistics of S&P Global Mobility that the Mustang has 69,069 copies sold worldwide. Considering global distribution issues are lower than by 2020, Ford also topped the list with 80,577 units, but this remains an impressive number.

Not Mach-E

This is the ‘real’ Ford Mustang, coupe and convertible, not the Mach-E, electric SUV. By the way, 76% of Mustangs (52,414 units) sold in the United States by 2021, but this model was able to score in other countries as well. In some markets, sales in New Zealand were as strong as 50% or as strong as in Brazil (+ 37.3%).

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