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Italian media beat De Kettler and expelled him after the first game in the derby: "goal against goal" |  Italian Serie A

Italian media beat De Kettler and expelled him after the first game in the derby: “goal against goal” | Italian Serie A

In the Italian media they do magic with the qualities of derby champions Rafael Liao and Mike Minnan. The first was renamed “The Killer Showman”, and the other “The Best Goalkeeper in the League”.

It takes a little longer to find the words for De Ketelaere.

In the Gazzetta dello Sport match report, the Red Devils’ lack of interest in the first goal against him was heavily stained.

“The Belgian’s defensive work was tragic,” it sounds sharp. “An original sin on de Kitleri’s conscience, who allowed Brozovic to run against the first goal and ran behind him 40 meters to no avail. The Croatian made it very difficult for the Belgian at first, but then de Kitleri came back again.”

The young Belgian was awarded 5.5 awards for his performance by the famous Italian sports newspaper. “Maybe we expected a lot from him. So we had to wait for the Magic Ball test as he showed against Bologna. He never came.”

In Corriere della Sera, they reward De Ketelaere with 6 in the overview report. “Guilty of the goal due to Brozovic’s omission,” the statement read. “But when he runs with the ball between his feet, he instills fear. After his yellow card, he was replaced by Pioli.”

Eurosport Italia also awarded the same score. “A mixed derby start. The pressure and emotions seem to have had an effect on the young talent, who swapped good crosses for unknown intermezzos.”

At Corriere dello Sport, they praised De Ketelaere for his flexibility. “In the last minutes of the first half, the Belgian broke away. First by threatening a header and then creating a panic at the edge of the sixteen by dribbling.”

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