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Italian Prime Minister Draghi's future hangs in the balance due to vote on support measures |  Abroad

Italian Prime Minister Draghi’s future hangs in the balance due to vote on support measures | Abroad

In Italy, Parliament will vote today on an aid package to absorb high energy prices. The Five Star Movement (M5S), the right-wing anti-establishment party in the government, has announced that it will vote against the plan. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said earlier that he would resign if his coalition partner boycotted the vote.

M5S party leader Giuseppe Conte, former Italian prime minister, said the country was facing an unprecedented economic and social crisis and that the government had not listened to his party’s demands.

The Five Star Movement’s move is adding more instability to Italy, which is already grappling with an energy crisis, drought and mounting debt. It also creates uncertainty about aid to Ukraine, as Conte has opposed arms supplies and instead pushed for negotiations with Russia.

“We are fully prepared to give constructive support to the government of Prime Minister Draghi, but we will not give them a blank check,” Conte said last night after a day of deliberations. “This is not arrogance, but an interest in families and businesses.”

On Thursday, the Senate will vote on measures for businesses and households due to higher energy prices. Draghi has the support of other major parties, including the Democratic Party and La Liga, so he will win the vote. However, the prime minister said he would resign if the Five Star Movement boycotted the vote. He is expected to meet President Sergio Mattarella afterwards.

Draghi has been under pressure from various parties within his broad coalition for months to ease economic reforms and reshuffle his government. M5S, which is losing popularity in opinion polls and which has seen a key figure leave with Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, is asking for more support for workers and families.

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