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"It's about trust and the division of space"

“It’s about trust and the division of space”

The first exploratory meeting was held, Friday, between the Council of Ministers and representatives of the agricultural sector. It was related to the government’s proposed policy to solve the nitrogen problem.

Ten farmers’ organizations join us. Mostly organizations from the biological and agro-environmental field. On the other hand, the LTO, in addition to its broad organization, represents six other organizations, including labor groups and trade unions.

Beyond the much-discussed date, the exploratory meeting will be led by the Netherlands’ most famous crisis manager, Johan Remix. A crisis manager derives his identity from the effective way he handles a crisis. However, expectations for Friday’s meeting are not high in the least.

Because what we are really talking about on Friday morning is the lack of mutual trust and how the scarce space in the city-state of the Netherlands should be distributed. The Cabinet does not trust farmers’ solutions and farmers do not trust the government either.

It is not the nitrogen problem that is the central problem, but the lack of confidence

Esther de Snow, Editor-in-Chief of New Harvest

Perhaps going further, deeper into a spade. A sense of insecurity arose after years of mutual mistrust, because farmers realized that the government could simply be unreliable. It is no coincidence that the country is covered with inverted flags. At the same time, cultivators were not always able to fulfill their promises to the government.

The focus of this first consultation is not on solutions to the nitrogen problem, but on how to restore mutual trust and a sense of security. Only then can we talk about the future of agriculture and the distribution of areas in the countryside.

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