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'I've been looking forward to this for months': Angel triumphs at Forest National (and will be back this fall) |  a musician

‘I’ve been looking forward to this for months’: Angel triumphs at Forest National (and will be back this fall) | a musician

a musicianOur Belgian pride in the three Belgian colors. Patriotism prevailed on Monday evening at Forest National. With her “Nonante-Cinq” tour, Angèle made her first stop at the place where the seeds for her world-class career were sown. “I finally sang ‘Bruxelles je t’aime’ in the place it was written for. So special!”

Meanwhile, her global status has made her move to Paris with her dog Pepette, BXL continues to come home. The place where she was until five years ago, before she broke up with La Loi de Murphy, was still performing in cafés for the people of Dozen. A “small” difference with eight thousand at Forest National Monday night. “I felt that, too,” said the 26-year-old pop princess of Linkebeek herself. “Tension, fear, excitement: I get it all at once. (Laughter) The performance here in Brussels is not like anywhere else for me. I have been looking forward to it for months.”


It was also reflected in her outfit. As Chanel’s muse, she usually has the latest collections to choose from, but Angèle privately ordered the fashion house weeks before digging through the archives and looking for a collection from 1995 – her birth year. Shiny black skirt, red blouse and iconic Chanel sun-kissed jacket. She says, “Wonderful, isn’t it?” “I’m very attached to the set of my birth year. That set consists of a lot of skirts. All women were free back then. My clothes feel very elegant and feminine, but very elegant. And most importantly, the outfit is easy to dance in (winks).”

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As Dua Lipa’s BFF, it seems as if our Belgian pride stole some of her dance moves. Angel shook her hips as if she had been held captive for months. Playful yet gracious to the beats of “Fever” and “Bruxelles je t’aime”. “I’ve always fantasized about playing this song in Brussels itself, and the time has finally come,” she said. “Very special.” Plus, the hit songs from her debut album Brol from 2018 – I think Tout oublier and Balance ton quoi have gone through it. A life-size roller coaster is behind the phenomenon, and other visuals complete the scene.

Angel moves to France on her “Nonante-Cinq” tour. At the beginning of December you will visit Sportpaleis (10/12) and then finish in camels four times in the same month at Forest National (19-22 / 12). Information and tickets via gospel

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