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Een eerste zege in zijn Europese trui voor Fabio Jakobsen.

Jacobsen evokes victory in the Royal Colskamp Course | Colskamp Race 2022

Fabio Jacobsen let his European shirt shine in the Flanders Championship (1.1). The Wolfpack rider came out of the box with absolute acceleration like the devil and beat Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Soudal). Dylan Grunivsion finished third and Tim Merler shook his head again after a runner missed a chance.

Colskamp cycle in a nutshell:

  • Today’s winner: Fabio Jacobsen lost a shed wheel in the last kilometer, but was suddenly able to start his sprint. In a direct duel with Ewan, the European champion showed himself to be the strongest.
  • loser today: Tim Merler couldn’t shake off Vuelta’s disappointment at Colskamp. The Belgian champion continues to look for good form and had to gain sixth place.
  • noticeable: The Koolskamp Koers were able to boast an exceptionally strong field of participants. Almost all of the top runners were located in West Flanders. The battle for the WorldTour is very much between them.

With the World Cup next week too tough for pure runners, the fastest men on earth went to Colskamp to measure themselves.

The field of Koolskamp participants looked impressive: Tim Merlier, Caleb Ewan, Mark Cavendish, Fabio Jakobsen, Dylan Groenewegen … They were all present in West Flanders.

Thirteen local laps of 15 kilometres, this was the simple course of the day. There was no need to search for altimeters, there was almost none. Some heavy rain and strong winds made the match difficult.

He did not deter the five brave knights and set off early. The Swiss-Belgian Johann Jacobs (Movistar) was the more famous name, but he soon realized that this was a pointless task. Sprinting teams led by leaders played all day long.

The sea opens to Jacobsen

Favorites Merlier and Groenewegen caused quite a stir by landing on the asphalt for a while, but both runners were able to quickly join the peloton.

At thirteen kilometers from the end, the trip was worth it. Several teams were looking for a fast sprint, which turned out to be inevitable.

Lotto-Soudal was impressed by a powerful train, but Ewan couldn’t finish it. European Champion Jakobsen seemed to have been sitting too far for a long time, but suddenly the sea opened up and he was still able to start his sprint race.

In a fair duel, Jacobsen defeated his Australian rival. Dylan Groenwegen came third. After a disappointing Vueltaa match, Tim Merler also failed at Colskamp and finished sixth.

Fabio Jacobsen: “It looked like a runner’s stage on a grand tour”

Fabio Jacobsen: “It was chaotic today. The wind was strong, but it wasn’t enough to get her to the levels. Then you know you’re going to race with four other teams vying for points.”

“It was a bit like a stage runner on a big tour. The team put me ahead as best as possible. I especially wanted to win for them. And then also in this shirt… It’s a good day.”

“Bert Van Lerberghe’s wheel was briefly lost because I had to swerve, but he kept pace well and the sprinters hesitated for a while. That way I was still able to find a gap. Fortunately I was the fastest today.”

Caleb Ewan: “I didn’t really want to be the first, but I had to”

Caleb Ewan: “I felt good today. The team did really well. To be honest, I didn’t want to be the first in the sprint because of the headwind, but I took a position that was no different. Of course I wanted you to win, but the second is not bad.”

“Of course we need a lot of WorldTour points, so today is very important. Arnaud De Lie is doing well, and so am I. If we keep doing like this, I hope it works out. I can see that happening, but we are not there yet.” .

On Sunday, Caleb Ewan will return to northern France to finish the Esbjerg GP. Next Wednesday, Lotto runner Soudal will be in action at Omloop van het Houtland.

Dylan Groenewegen: ‘I couldn’t turn properly after my fall’

Dylan Groenewegen: “I actually thought I had no chance. I fell two rounds before the end and then couldn’t switch properly. The legs weren’t there either, so I should get third.”

“I still drive a lot in Belgium this season. I always like to do it. We must of course try to collect as many points as possible. Although I would say I think it is a worthless system, but well, it is no different now.”

  1. 17 hours and 24. Jacobsen is still partying! what a surprise! Like the devil out of the box, it is Jacobsen who still triumphs at Colskamp. .
  2. 17 hours 23. Jacobsen comes after all. .
  3. 17 hours 23. Van Lerberghe gets to work, but his Dutch leader is not in the wheel. .
  4. 17 hours 23. Merlier is also good. European champion Jakobsen is far away. .
  5. 17 hours 22. Meanwhile, we see a man from Israel lying on the asphalt. Chaos excels. .
  6. 17 hours 22. The penultimate kilometer. Lotto-Soudal still dominates. .
  7. 17 hours 21. Ewan still has three horsemen. Is this enough? Frieson, Jancy Van Rensburg and De Boest have to get the job done for the Australian. .
  8. 17 hours 19. The Lotto train takes over. The Lotto-Soudal men found each other. Three more miles. It’s time to start the train. .
  9. 17h 17. B & amp; B Hotels is well represented up front. Can Janes Debuschere run in his area? Or will it be Luca Mozzato? .
  10. 5 pm 17. The tension increases. Sven Ness.
  11. The 17:15 turn right makes the peloton more on the bar. It is moving forward: 67 km / h, according to the speedometer. .
  12. 5 p.m. 14. Merlier, Meeus, Ewan, Thijssen… They are all well ahead. The Quick-Step train is still a bit off. .
  13. 5 pm 13. Another 10 km. We should not expect many attacks. There are a lot of teams looking for a quick race. That could, of course, lead to a dangerous final. .
  14. 5:09 p.m. Ewan has already picked the Merlier wheel. With Selig and De Buyst, among others, the Australian still has enough assistants to direct him later. .
  15. 5 p.m. 08. Riley Pickrell crashes spectacularly. The Canadian from Israel-Premier Tech can no longer dodge and fall over a banner. Fortunately, he quietly landed on the grass. .
  16. 5 pm 06. Jacobs and Leclench arrested. They had endured it for a long time, but thirteen kilometers from the end, the last two fugitives were also there for the effort. Jacobs and Leclench can look back on the impressive performance. .
  17. 5 p.m. Vervaeke’s work is completed. Intermarché’s men take the lead. Gerben Thijssen is in the service of their runner. .
  18. 5 p.m. last round. The bell rings. Another round and we will see who crowns the champion of Flanders. The enemy seems inevitable. .
  19. 17 h 02. Jacobs tries to get his comrades off the wheels. Warr Vangelo bows his head, the Swiss goes too fast for him. Leclainche does everything in its power to stay at the wheel. .
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