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James Cook launches a new theater production house with three friends: 'Teamwork Makes a Dream Work' |  Antwerp

James Cook launches a new theater production house with three friends: ‘Teamwork Makes a Dream Work’ | Antwerp

AntwerpTheater and television maker James Cook embarks on a new adventure. The new theatrical production house Backstage Productions is a merger of Cooke’s former production house “Excluded”. and the friendly production house “Theatretainment”. “A logical step for two homes with one vision, same mission, and same values.”

The new production house Backstage was announced on Tuesday from MAS in Antwerp. The two are excluded. By James Cook, Bob Guinness, and Theatretainment by Dirk Van Vureen and Nico Warner have crossed paths several times at the Antwerp Elckerlyc Theatre. The Quartet said unanimously, “This has created great mutual respect and this integration is a logical consequence.”

Like-minded souls

“There is a huge need in the theater sector to join forces,” James Cook said of the merger. “Teamwork makes a dream work,” sounds theatrical from the all-new creative director. “Creatively, you are much stronger when you work with like-minded spirits.”

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Strict new production house Margriet Hermans, among others. © Tessa Crane

“In a new outfit, from a new production house, but with familiar faces from the trade with bundles of experience,” adds Nico Wariner, Director of Sales. “The upcoming theater season will be one when we can once again make dreams come true and enjoy visitors collectively.”

Margaret Hermans

One of those familiar faces is Margaret Hermans, the special guest in Backstage’s upcoming winter play. Margaret confirms, “I’ve seen many theater productions in the past, which is a genre that I really like and now I’m really looking forward to playing in it myself.” “In a play, a so-called ‘special guest’ has to be able to put themselves in perspective, and that’s exactly what I’m good at,” she said.

Backstage shows take place at the Elckerlyc Theatre. The fall program includes “Het Spook van de Operetta”, a hilarious farce of Luke Cales and Dirk van Vuen himself, the old classic “Moord op de Orient Express”, “Winterrevue” with Margriet Hermans, Four Ladies on an Adventure in Vapeurs 4 – On Safari and the Musical Family” Pocahontas”.

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Tessa Crane

© Tessa Crane

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