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Jan Verheyen hopes good friend Bart De Pauw can get back to work: 'For now, he's Belgium's most loyal Netflix viewer'

Jan Verheyen hopes good friend Bart De Pauw can get back to work: ‘For now, he’s Belgium’s most loyal Netflix viewer’

Bart de Pauw is expected to appear in court again in September to stand trial against the Court of Appeal. Meanwhile, the fallen TV maker is doing nothing more than watching Netflix at home on the couch, according to his close friend Jan Verheyen at Hello all. “He is awaiting trial and is in some kind of forbidden.”

“Bart is currently the most loyal Netflix viewer in Belgium,” Verheen says of his close friend. Koeken Troef! , the successful production house of De Pauw and his partner Ines, has been in the latter’s hands for some time. But now the company has no more tasks, after one test Two to the sixth power It has been turned off.

According to Verheyen, De Pauw is awaiting trial against VRT in “some kind of no-man’s land”. “For someone as creative as him, this is obviously very frustrating.” according to Hello all There are also rumors in television circles that De Pauw and his wife have broken up, but those around them denied this.

Verheen hopes that one day his dear friend will be able to return to work “after the dust settles”. The director himself will take a vacation next year, but then he will definitely think about collaborating with De Pauw. He concludes, “If it turns out that it still makes sense to make a movie, of course, because our sector has gone through hard times.”

Bart De Pauw took VRT to court in 2020. He claims the collaboration was wrongfully terminated after actresses Liesa Naert and Maaike Cafmeyer knocked on VRT’s door with stories about the TV maker’s infringing behavior. De Pauw, his family and his company Deadliners are claiming €12 million from the public broadcaster. The case will be brought to the Brussels Business Court in September. Last year, Di Bao was sentenced to six months in prison with deferment for stalking five women and causing inconvenience to one woman with electronic means of communication.

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