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Joachim (33), an IT consultant, is also a fire master: ‘I was interested in quality coffee from my trip to Australia’

In the special entertainment section, we found something very special with this Apeldorner. Joachim Piper, 33, is a four-hour-a-week ‘fire master’ at the Passport in Switzerland.
“I like complicated processes and I get satisfaction from it. I see it in my daily work, but I’m also a firefighter.

Coffee from the teachers

Joachim’s love for coffee began early. “At the Daycare Center, I drank the rest of the coffee from the teachers’ cups,” Joachim says with a big smile. “They always put a lot of sugar in their coffee, but they didn’t stir well. I loved this sweet coffee and learned to drink it at a young age.

In the nursery, I drank the coffee that was left over from the teachers cup



But at the Pieper family’s home in Lichtenvoorde, they drank coffee made from coffee pods. “I didn’t drink it, I didn’t like it,” Joachim explains. “My relatives are real Burgundians. We love tasty and good food. But when it comes to coffee, I’m a really good food taster.

Complex processes

Joachim says he has been living happily in Apelton since 2011 and has a long-term relationship with his girlfriend from the city of Hilversum. He studied Business Informatics at Saxon University of Applied Science in Deventer and has been working full time for a number of years now. Think As an IT consultant. “I like complicated processes and I get satisfaction from it. I see it in my daily work, but I’m also a firefighter.

I like complicated processes and it gives me satisfaction


Row for good coffee at six

During a trip with his grandfather through Australia and New Zealand in 2016, he saw what a special coffee culture there is. “From six o’clock in the morning, people lined up at the best coffee shops for a cup of quality coffee,” says Joachim. “I thought it was very special. In the Netherlands we did not know it. In big cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, it’s starting to happen.

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A few years after this wonderful journey, Joachim began his new passion: roasting coffee as a fire master. He was in contact with Matt von Maastricht of Schenkers Restaurant. They share their interest in quality coffee. Matt provided raw beans location, equipment and resources. Joachim is the roaster of all coffee beans for the Fire Master or Passport. After this, roasted beans are sold to coffee lovers and restaurants.

Joachim says his interest in roasting coffee arose because roasting was a real craft. “What impresses me about roasting beans is that by streamlining the process as much as possible and adjusting the coffee roster as much as possible, you can achieve optimal quality coffee beans,” says Joachim. “This is just like my IT job. If the process quality is optimal, the final result will be of high quality. I get a kick out of it.

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Joachim for barrels with roasted beans. Photo: indebuurt Apeldoorn

Joachim feels the unique taste of a coffee bean

At the site of the old Swiss factory, eco-friendly, reasonably priced bean bags are piled up. Tons of already roasted beans abound. Beans come from farms in Peru, Brazil and Nicaragua. They have a supplier in each of these countries. They are high quality beans. From the highest category available worldwide. Joachim also explains that each bean has its own unique taste. “My sense of smell has always been well developed. I also recognize different scents of beans,” says Joachim.

My sense of smell is well developed. I also know the different flavors of beans


Jochem van Apeldoorner learned the ins and outs of the business Hugo Pigeon, Fire Master and Duif Coffee Owner. “It’s really a business, but it’s a lot of fun to do. It’s challenging to keep the bean DNA identical throughout the roasting process. It’s very difficult, but I’ve been good at it. It should always be as uniform as possible, ”says Joachim.

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The beans are roasted! Photo: indebuurt Apeldoorn

He notes that the ‘coffee vibe’ is on the rise in Uppaldor. “The coffee drinker from Abledorn is particularly desirable. The younger generation is open to new types of coffee, but the older generation is especially loyal to brands like Douwe Egberts. But it’s already better than it was a few years ago. People know better where to find us, but Simon Leveld and Caldy Such shops also sell excellent coffee, and of course Bosbrand coffee is served in restaurants in Uppaldor, including Schengers, ”says Joachim.

Apeldoorn is especially desirable for coffee drinkers


Help, my husband has a hobby

We also asked him what his girlfriend Mindy thinks about this special hobby. “She thinks it’s good because she can enjoy this delicious coffee too. When we were together, I was definitely not just talking about coffee. Joachim also received an Ethiopian coffee plant from his girlfriend last year to make his ‘own coffee’.

How does Joachim like to drink coffee?

Joachim has become a real coffee freak. He has turned his interest into his hobby. We asked him how he likes to drink coffee. Joachim responds: “In its purest form, black. And sometimes a ‘flat white’. Double espresso with a layer of plant-based milk. Also a maximum of two a day, good coffee.

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