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Joe Biden to Arab leaders: The elite must bear criticism |  Abroad

Joe Biden to Arab leaders: The elite must bear criticism | Abroad

At a summit between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the United States in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, US President Joe Biden stressed to Arab leaders the importance of an open society and freedom of opinion.

Resilient societies and citizens must be able to question and criticize leaders without fear of reprisals. I’ve been subjected to a lot of criticism over the years. It’s not fun, but the ability to speak openly and share ideas freely is what ignites innovation.”

US President Joe Biden and the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. © ANP / EPA

He also said that the United States will always stand up for human rights. “Fundamental freedoms are fundamental to who we are as Americans. It’s in our DNA. But that’s also because the future will be won by countries that unlock the full potential of their people, where women can enjoy equal rights and help build stronger economies.”

Impact on China, Russia and Iran

The US head of state also stressed that his country remains an active and committed partner in the Middle East, reducing the influence of China, Russia and Iran in the region. “Let me be clear: The United States will continue to be an active partner in the Middle East,” Biden said.

We will not leave and leave a void that China, Russia or Iran can fill. The United States has invested in building a positive future in the region, working with all of you, and the United States is not going anywhere.”

In a bilateral meeting with Mohammed bin Zajed, Biden “officially” invited the new president of the United Arab Emirates to visit the United States. This should happen before the end of the year.

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