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Judge rules Airbus can cancel large Qatar Airways order

Judge rules Airbus can cancel large Qatar Airways order

Airbus announced in January that Qatar Airways could blow the whistle for the 50 321 neo ordered by the airline that will be delivered from next year. Airbus thinks Qatar Airways is unreliable and spreads bullshit. The two sides have been feuding for some time over issues with the A350 fleet and are locked in a feud in court.

peel off paint
Qatar was the first customer of the A350 and has already received 53 aircraft from it. Much of this falls to the floor due to paint peeling problems. An anomaly was also found in the lightning conductor. Therefore, the airline, which believes that aviation safety is at risk, does not wish to purchase more A350s in order at this time.

According to Airbus, Qatar Airways is exaggerating the problem of receiving financial compensation and wrongly insinuating that the plane’s manufacturer is not doing enough to remedy it. That would be to the detriment of Airbus’ good reputation. In response, the manufacturer decided to cancel the order for fifty A321neos.

Qatar Airways responded strongly to this. The airline called the matter “extremely unfortunate” and “disappointing” because Airbus had allowed the cancellation to further “escalate” the conflict and decided to go to court. According to the airline, the A321neo’s order has nothing to do with the A350 conflict. According to Airbus, they are contractually related.

Although the court has now ruled that Airbus may cancel the A321neo order and sell the plane to other customers, it cannot be excluded that the manufacturer will have to pay monetary compensation. This could be the subject of a later, more comprehensive lawsuit. Meanwhile, another lawsuit is pending regarding the damages to the A350.

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