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Junior Blankart on TV finds out why love goes wrong: 'I compare everyone to Shirley'

Junior Blankart on TV finds out why love goes wrong: ‘I compare everyone to Shirley’

© VRT – Thomas Geuens

Junior Blankart, 29, has been searching for the love of his life since the first night. An important part of this research is figuring out why something went wrong so far, because there was no shortage of girlfriends. Junior says in story That his first great love still stood in his way.

at Junior is looking for love Junior goes with his sister Stephanie and best friend Sam in search of a girl he wants to share his life with. Another important assistant is psychologist Sarah Van Pelt. She delves deeper with Junior, including why past relationships went wrong.

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During conversations with Sarah, it soon becomes clear that breaking up with Shirley, his great first love, is crippling Junior’s heart. The two were together for nine years, from the age of sixteen. “I thought: This is for the rest of our lives,” Junior says. But the relationship collapsed due to the distance. Shirley is from Zottegem, while Planckaerts live in the Ardennes. “Distance prevented us from taking the next step in our relationship, and we gradually drifted apart.”

Junior and Shirley when they were a couple.

Junior and Shirley when they were a couple. © Instagram

Junior vehemently refrained from breaking up. “It kept bothering me after that. The temptation was great to keep comparing my girlfriends to my first love. Very unfair.” Young Blankart suffered from a kind of fear of commitment. “Every new relationship felt like a web slowly closing around me. When things started to go wrong, I thought: I’m going to pull it off, sad.”

Hopefully, Junior will be able to get over his fear of commitment. At least 600 women signed up to win his heart AtmosphereNeure is looking for love† On Tuesday night’s first episode, psychologist Sarah, sister Stephanie and her best friend Bram made the first selection out of hundreds of nominees.

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