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Kasper Asgren removes the yellow dream, Fabio Jacobsen: 'No favorite for green' |  a trip

Kasper Asgren removes the yellow dream, Fabio Jacobsen: ‘No favorite for green’ | a trip

Fabio Jacobsen (25) He was not the most attentive student in the small class during the digital press conversation, but the Dutchman gave clear and precise answers.

From Friday his “dream” will come true and he will be taking a Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl tour. He summed up his entry in the tour books: “It may now be less of a dream and more of a reality.”

He laughed, “So if the timeout is a nightmare? That’s the other side of the coin.” “If you’re the fastest in the last 200 metres, you’re probably the slowest in the poles.”

“I’ll have to fight, probably more than during the runners’ stages. But Casper (Asgreen, next to him at the press conference) will guide me on Galibier and Alpe d’Huez.

“There’s always pressure and that’s part of the tour. When you stand in Paris after all those mountains, it’s even more beautiful.”

Jacobsen doesn’t make green spaces a goal in the first place, but he doesn’t rule it out either. “I’m not the favourite, but there were also some previous winners before the tour started. Sometimes that comes your way.”

Casper Asgren He (27) had already charted his path as a Danish time specialist: taking yellow in Copenhagen on Friday. However, this plan has been postponed, frankly admitted.

“Yellow is no longer a realistic target,” said that unlucky person at the Tour de Suisse. “I was sick before this race, so I really had a relapse and then I got really bad as well.”

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“I’m no longer in pain, that’s why I can start. But my preparations weren’t good enough to put yellow as a target.”

Athletic Director Tom Stills is finally back in the absence of Julian Alaphilippe for the last time. “It was a very difficult decision, but we did it for Julian himself.”

“We mustn’t forget he fell so hard at the end of April. You can’t send the world champion to the Tour where you’d have a feeling his shirt was in the washer. He should be able to shine in that shirt. And also in race after tour.”