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Kathy Griffin attacks Johnny Depp and all his fans

Kathy Griffin attacks Johnny Depp and all his fans

Although most people are happy about it Johnny Depp his claim against Amber Heard Won, some see it as unfair. This is the actress Kathy Griffin† The latter is now criticized Pirates of the Caribbean-the actor.

Griffin, known for his small roles in films such as Pulp Fiction And the cable technician But also from the necessary string, he certainly did not utter the words. In a recent podcast, she dropped Depp and his fans on the floor.

This is how Griffin begins:I think it’s funny how all Johnny Depp fans talk about the trial and yet refuse to show pictures of him. I am because it now looks like a plump, fat orange drunk. He’s like Donald Trump with a ponytail

Fans continue to defend him, saying “Amber is horrible, but Johnny is awesome.” And I’m like, “Well, he talks like Kanye West when he just broke his jaw and talks in an ugly fake accent, like when Madonna went to Britain at once”…

According to Griffin, Depp speaks with a different accent, because he is from Kentucky. However, she also sided with Heard because the actress is friends with her. So Griffin believes that Heard: “I’ve been friends with Amber for many years and totally believe her. I don’t even know what it’s about but I know she’s telling the truth

I find this very disturbing, as a woman but also as a lifelong feminist. Stories are circulating in Hollywood that he was abusive since his relationship with Kate Moss, and then continued this “trend” with Winona Ryder. I think she changed Johnny Depp’s tattoo herself to ‘El Diablo’ when she found out his true nature

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Of course I can’t speak for these womenGriffin continued,But I wouldn’t be surprised if they just kept quiet so they didn’t end up like Amber HeardGriffin may not have followed the news closely, as Kate Moss came to Depp’s defense and recently went to a concert with the actor.

Ryder even said some time ago that Depp was always kind and sweet and she didn’t believe Heard’s accusation. Griffin has to be careful how far she goes with this, of course. A few years ago, she made completely negative headlines when she appeared with a fake head and a bloody clip of Donald Trump.